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Favorite Homeschool Resources

These are links to some of our favorite homeschool resources and curriculums. Please note that some of these links direct you to affiliates of ours. This means we earn a small commission from any purchases you make through the company link we have provided. We here at Secular Homeschool Freebies only work with affiliate companies that we truly believe in and agree with. Even if these were not affiliate companies, we would still be recommended them to our readers.


*Ron Paul Curriculum – Libertarian politician Dr. Ron Paul has developed a K-12 online homeschool curriculum with libertarians in mind. The curriculum is child-led and designed to allow the child to study independently. No text books are required. Aside from the cost of subscribing to the curriculum and purchasing a few classic books (which you can usually find at the library), the curriculum is practically free. Grades K-5th are actually completely free, however, if you decide to pay, you will gain access to customer service, forums, etc.. Grades 6th-12th cost a $250 yearly rate for the entire family and $50 per course, per student.


StarfallStarfall is one of my absolute favorite resources for pre-k through 2nd grade resources. There site provides free interactive videos to help children learn math, reading, and more. Starfall also has curricula and additional resources that you can purchase at inexpensive prices.








* – affiliate link

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