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Hello! Welcome to Secular Homeschool Freebies. This is a blog dedicated to helping unschoolers and secular homeschoolers find free resources to help make their home education easier.

Here at Secular Homeschool Freebies, you will find:

  • Daily deals targeted for unschoolers and secular homeschoolers,
  • Free eBooks,
  • Articles and advice about frugal homeschooling,
  • Educational apps and downloads,
  • And so much more!



The Folks Behind Secular Homeschool Freebies

Autumn and I

Danie Newcomb is a Pagan unschooling mom of two. She works full-time as a freelance writer and herbalist. Danie was homeschooled K-12 by her mother. As of right now, she manages every aspect of the site; from the searching for deals, down to the blogging. In her spare time, she enjoys foraging wild foods with her children, going on coffee dates with her husband, and playing video games at all hours of the night.

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